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change in methods

I am tired of trying to cater to your insecurities. You mean nothing to me. I am going to go about my business regardless of whether you exist or not. I declare you dead to me. You might as well be. Your empty threats and idle tongue impress no one but you. Your lies are no better hidden than hers are. Besides, you can't possibly believe I care enough about what you think. Doesn't work that way. And with all the recent talk about idle threats, I must suspend one of mine, even though it was never directed at you anyway. Let me paint the picture... I must admit that I and those that love me, as there are many, owe you a tremendous "thank you" for you have given me a new outlook on life, a new direction, a goal. In short, You've helped me find a reason to live. So pat yourself on the back, knowing that you helped save a little piece of the world.
That is all. Goodnight

oh, and don't think I didn't see you at quicktrip, I just didn't care. but did you see me earlier that same day?
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