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For Sale: one Superbike

1999 Ducati 996, only 5906 miles
You can see a similar Motorcycle here
This bike is an Orgasm on two wheels I am asking $7000.00
It has no keys.

Red is the symbol of Italian racing, the ultimate expression of Ducati's racing spirit, and the signature color of countless victories clinched in circuits around the globe. The debut of Marco Lucchinelli in 1988 riding a Ducati 851, the progenitor of the Ducati 999, marked the beginning of the domination by twin-cylinder motorcycles in the World Superbike Championship. The 851 was not just another step forward in the evolution of Ducati 90° L-Twin, Desmodromic engine design philosophy, but also a great leap forward in racing technology. From the time of its introduction, the 851 left competitors far behind on the racetracks of the World Superbike Championship and has left manufacturers behind in terms of product development. The 851 evolved to the 888, 916, 996, and 998; a series of iconic vehicle designations that have left a permanent imprint on the history of motorcycling. These motorcycles were the weapons of choice for Superbike pilots like Raymond Roche, Doug Polen, Carl Fogarty and Troy Bayliss on their way to historic victories and a record number of World Championship crowns. Since the beginning of the World Superbike Championship in 1988, Ducati has had more race victories than all other competitors combined: 192 race wins, 105 Pole positions, 9 rider World Titles and 10 Manufacturer Titles in twelve years. The introduction of the 851 in 1988 seems long ago. Since then, the rules, the riders and the tracks have changed, but Ducati red continues to dominate.
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