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a conversation with ShOcKtErMiNaL:

GWARsysop: I started a live journal.
ShOcKtErMiNaL: ohhh no
ShOcKtErMiNaL: you gave in
GWARsysop: I know.. I know.
GWARsysop: I didn't want to..
GWARsysop: in fact I posted about it
GWARsysop: do you have an LJ?
ShOcKtErMiNaL: Nope, and proud of it
GWARsysop: I said the same thing last week.
GWARsysop: I feel weak
ShOcKtErMiNaL: shame on you =)
GWARsysop: I Just wanted to read what people were saying about Rocky (Vanity is my favorite sin). so I went to look.. that was when I discoverd that you had to be a member to read. so I went to join.. $5 that's not much money.. so I paid it.. then I wanted to build a friends list so that I could keep track of the people I care about. then I realized that all these people that know I didn't want to get on live journal would see that now I am on it. so I posted one message on that subject. then people replied to that.. It wasn't my fault. it happened when I wasn't looking.
ShOcKtErMiNaL: lol
GWARsysop: that's the truth... well I was looking, but I was really sleepy, it was like 6:00AM!
GWARsysop: I plead temporary insanity.
GWARsysop: would you mind if I posted this conversation to LiveJournal?
ShOcKtErMiNaL: I guess
GWARsysop: thanks.
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