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Arrogant windbag on friendship:

I tend to use the word friend to describe a wide range of people. Basically, anyone who's name I know, and I am friendly to. I do tend to be friendly to perfect strangers, yet I wouldn't call them friends. For the most part, to me, an acquaintance is someone that is in the grey area between stranger and friend, and is usually a transitional state, sometimes to friend, sometimes back to stranger. On occasion, I will meet someone that remains in that state indefinitely, but they are rare in my life, and more often than not, they are friends of family. Some people think that a friend is a friend, period. I don't see how anyone could say that there aren't different levels of friends, unless you severely restrict who you apply the term to. In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that every friend is a different level of friend. I say that because if I split enough hairs, I can always find something that would tell me that I trust Cathy more then Jon, and that Jon is more likely to volunteer to help me move than Michael is. Definitely different levels, but not necessarily on a linear scale.

A litmus test that I like to apply is this; a close friend is someone I would give up an organ that I was still using for. Maybe even one I really needed. Best friend however, is a bit tougher. A best friend is someone that I believe would give up an organ that they are using for me. They would not, however, be allowed to give up one that they really needed. So far, neither of these principle has been tested. I've given blood, and been tested and cataloged for bone marrow donation. I know that if the time came, I would follow through without hesitation. I do admit, that I am sometimes not so sure about some of the people I call friends. Most I am sure would not disappoint me, but there are a few that make me wonder.
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