Techaholic (techaholic) wrote,

on death and blowjobs

GWARsysop: hey Rob, hows it goin?
Tat2rob: it is going.....I aint dead yet
GWARsysop: hang in there... something will get around to killing you eventually ;-)
Tat2rob: One can allways hope
GWARsysop: I would be disappointed if you went out in any normal or cliche way
GWARsysop: I expect better than that from you
Tat2rob: No shit
GWARsysop: got any ideas?
Tat2rob: on how I should die?
GWARsysop: yeah.... I was pretty settled on self-incineration for me
GWARsysop: hypothetically speaking of course
Tat2rob: OD on pot.....while getting head from 2 Japanese school girls
GWARsysop: not bad... captured on film right?
Tat2rob: Sure!
GWARsysop: now do you want actual japanese School Girls? or would 18 year old americans of japanese desent dressed as school girls suffice?
Tat2rob: Hmmm.....well now there's the rub
GWARsysop: if it kills you, they can't arrest you, but your camera man would be an accessory
Tat2rob: well I guess I will have to die in Thailand
GWARsysop: thailand! how do you expect to cover the airfare for the film crew?
Tat2rob: I will hire out local
GWARsysop: I guess we... er I mean, you and yor crew.... could swim...
GWARsysop: locals! but...
GWARsysop: but then how would you gaurantee that your friends here at home benefited finacially from your last artwork
Tat2rob: Hey now.....I am going to go die......
Tat2rob: I could care less if the unions get pissed
Tat2rob: hehehe
GWARsysop: so if I tag along at my own expense, and bring a digital video camera, can I have full royalties?
Tat2rob: Well only if I can get a advance payment from you for them
Tat2rob: gotta have alot of cash to buy all that pot
GWARsysop: how about I write you a post dated check?
Tat2rob: What dealer YOU know gonna take a check
GWARsysop: good point... visa?
GWARsysop: how much pot are we talking about>?
Tat2rob: enough for ME to O.D.
GWARsysop: how much would that take? I assume about 1/4 ounce of top quality and the rest would be schwag, since you already be stoned
Tat2rob: Oh no child!
GWARsysop: 1/2 ounce?
Tat2rob: No schwag.....White Widow all the way
GWARsysop: but once your stoned, what's the point of smoking the good stuff?
GWARsysop: save that for the survivors
Tat2rob: To OD man!
GWARsysop: I get that, but schwag will work just fine, and once your stoned enough, you won't notice the difference.
Tat2rob: But it would take a couple of years for me to OD on schwag
GWARsysop: so how much white widow would that take?
GWARsysop: White
GWARsysop: Widow
GWARsysop: Would
GWARsysop: WWW
Tat2rob: a couple of months....maybe a year
GWARsysop: hmm... maybe we should lace it with some hash
Tat2rob: Hell.....Why not
GWARsysop: it might speed things up... I shutter to think about how many Japanese (or Tai) schoolgirls we would go through in that time frame! we would have to get a dentist involved
GWARsysop: and they are not cheap when hired fulltime
Tat2rob: Oh yeah.....and alot of protien shakes and zinc for me
GWARsysop: not to mention the protien shakes for your "assistants"
GWARsysop: you would be so sore
Tat2rob: hehehehehe.....I would be high....
GWARsysop: and sore
Tat2rob: Who cares.....I would be HIGH!
GWARsysop: even you couldn't handle a year long blowjob!
GWARsysop: it would kill you!
Tat2rob: With enough weed my child, You can survive anything.
GWARsysop: I thought you were trying to smoke enough weed to not survive anything. now I'm confused.
Tat2rob: Damn there goes my whole plan!
Tat2rob: This is gonna get posted you know.....
GWARsysop: okay... back to square one... although I think we should stick with the Japanese (or 18YO americans of japanese desent) school girls.
GWARsysop: I know.
GWARsysop: I am going to have to post this to my LJ too.
Tat2rob: hehehe
GWARsysop: race ya!
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