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inspired by Femme:
Read her post first, then this one.

I know too well what it's like to be a part of the working poor. But to dress it up as altruism is insulting to both sides.

Burger flippers don't come home with the stench of grease embedded in their skin so that I can have lunch without brown-bagging it. they aren't doing it for me, for you or for society. they are doing it because it's a paycheck. and they have realized that earning 85% of the bare minimum and choosing between the water bill and the gas bill is better than sleeping in a cardboard box where you don't have to make such stressful decisions. I know too many people who are without income because words such as "would you like fries with that?" are more demeaning to them than "can I borrow some money (even though I have no immidiate or defined plan of repayment) to put gas in my car (so I can go to a party and maybe get laid)?"
I have to say that Liquidbob has really impressed me. Master's Degree from Ga Tech. yet he don's a uniform and nametag these days so that his roomates aren't forced to choose between paying his bills or kicking out a friend. You, Bob (if you read this), have my deepest respect.

On the subject of welfare, I don't think poorly of those who need short term assitance. I believe in charity and helping your fellow man. However, I despise a government that at the point of a gun takes money from me, that I rightfully earned through my labors, and hands it to whomever they feel is adept and playing the paperwork game they devised.

There are many many privately funded charities that do the same thing without Robin Hooding those that actaully work for a living. I turns my stomache that most people consider "stealing from the rich to give to the poor" a noble concept. did they miss the word "stealing" right at the begining? It's very easy to be charitable with someone else's cash.

I collected unemployment when I was let go by John Marshall Law School under dubius circumstances. That's not a government handout. It's money that belongs to you. Your employer pays it. It's not tax money. It doesn't go to people who are fired for cause. I did not collect unemployment from EDS when I was fired after repeated warnings about sleeping on duty. I was in the wrong. there was plenty of blame to go around there, but in black and white I was fired for a reason. Whether I agree with that reason or not is irrelevant.

So as long as I continue to support my bad habbits, like sleeping indoors, eating food that isn't someone else's leftovers, using electricity, and transporting myself without hoofing it, I will do whatever I have to do to maintain some semblance of cash flow. And I will stomp on anyone who interferes with that principal.

Lack of money is the root of all evil.

On that note, I've got to raise $1400 and counting to get my Duc out of impound. And another $10 everyday that it takes me to get it. The sad irony is that once I am able to get the bike back, I intend to take it to bike week in Daytona and come back with decent pile of cash instead. It's still worth well over $6 grand. Or at least it was before It was impounded. I haven't seen it in months. wish me luck.
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