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Today is day 5 at HP. I've been here 5 days, and I am already in trouble. I connected my lab machine to the corporate network yesterday for internet access and I forgot to unplug it. no big deal in and of itself, accept one small little problem... I was running a DHCP server with bunk data in it. when we came in this morning, the whole room had been removed from the network. Sometimes I wonder if I sabotage myself on purpose or if I really am a technoklutz. I feel like such a bonehead. our instructed told us about 4 times not to put our lab machines on the corporate network, but I just wanted to check my email. I wasn't thinking about the dhcp server that was running in the background. Damn. I got chewed on for about 15 minutes. apparantly about a year ago there was a similar incident in a lab here that crippled most of the building for 3 days. NO MORE FUCKUPS.
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