Techaholic (techaholic) wrote,

I went to see Her today...

Stopped by Her work this morning, as I do just about every Wednesday so that I can bring her breakfast. She asked me to drop off something that we bought together and originally decided that I was going to keep. She said that she had a need for it. I told Her that if She wanted it, She could have it.

I also owe Her a little $$ that I've been paying back in pieces. I'd like to have Her paid off before Dragon Con. our agreement on the subject gives me a lot more time than that, but I want to get it taken care of.

I told Her about the post (She isn't on LJ) and told Her I would send Her a link. I actually ended up just sending Her the text. I would like to still be friends, but She keeps lying to me. She must think I am quite gullible. I guess that's fair since I've only once called Her out on a lie and after big fight I gave up and decided that I know the truth, no point in arguing about it. And the topic around it was too insignificant to make an issue about it.

She'll be at Dragon Con, rooming with some friends of ours. She told one of them that She didn't want me to go up to the room at all because She didn't trust me around Her stuff. I mentioned to Her today that I was informed that She didn't want me in the room at all, and I asked Her why. She told me that it was because it was painful enough just having me stop by Her work. She said that being in the room with me at Dragon Con would be too painful. I am willing to believe that She didn't want to admit that She was in pain to our friend and that is why She told him it was a trust issue. Maybe I am gullible.

I don't know why I keep going to see her. I could easily mail her a check rather than drop the money off in person. Her eating habits are Her business. I am no longer Her boyfriend, I don't need to bring Her breakfast. I guess I still hope that eventually, we can work out our differences. Now I know I am gullible.

I have not had much sleep these past few weeks. Just for clarity's sake, I started writing this at about 7:30PM Wednesday, got about 1/2 done, and took a much needed nap. Then I had to go to Dad's house to help him move. I finished this at about 4AM after getting home. While I was at Dad's house I was carrying a small, fairly light standard desk chair downstairs. About halfway down I felt light headed so I leaned up against the wall in the stairway for a second. The next moment I was in a heap at the bottom while Ida and my older sister were standing over me and my Dad was at the top of the stairs asking what happened. I guess I passed out or something. I was able to get right back up, and the adrenaline rush of the incident kept me going for several more hours, although my balance had not really recovered. I hate to sound like a pussy. I know I've been whining about this pain and that pain on here already (check my first LJ entry). I didn't report any injury to my family and for the most part I felt fine, but now, 4 hours later, my neck is bothering me and my right ankle (same one injured at Rocky) is throbbing. I really need ot look into medical insurance. It is very expensive when you are self-employed, but I think I might just want to weigh the costs.

I am going to climb into bed now, fire up the laptop and read what everyone else has written and then take another 3 hour nap before I have to get up for work again.
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