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Sad news

For those of you that know Ida, please call her (404.788.7844) and offer her condolences on the death of her Brother, Walter Hutchings, Jr. Walter, or "Uncle Bubba" as he was known to family, Was not a young man, as he was Ida's half brother, born "before the war" to a different mother than Ida and her brother David share, Virginia. Uncle Bubba lost one of his legs to diabetes a couple of years back and had been using a wheelchair ever since. The apparent cause of death was some sort of brain infection of unknown origin.

In his younger years, Bubba was a Catholic Priest, and he was fluent in several languages, including Latin, which he taught. He had a stroke a few years before I met him, which was back in 1995. as the story goes, when he woke up from it, he had completely forgotten how to speak anything but Latin. I am told it took him some months to relearn enough english to be able to communicate effectively.

Ida is going to need a considerable amount of help in the next few weeks to stay on top of all the responsibilities she has undertaken along with the added complications surrounding Bubba's passing. If anyone who has been helped by Ida in the past would like to repay that debt, now would be the time. Time is at a premium right now, so please spread the word to our friends who are LJ-deficient.

For those of you that do not know Ida, please just try to realize that after my parents, Ida has been my closest friend, greatest champion, and has pulled my ass out of more infernos than I can count on both hands. If anyone of you feel that you owe me a debt, please be assured that you may repay that debt directly to Ida, as I will never be able to repay her all that I owe.

If you are not able to offer any help right now, but wish that you could, just call her and say just that. The very gesture would mean so much to her. Ida has few possessions, and even smaller monetary reserves because for as long as I've known her, she has been one of those rare people that does not stop giving just because it hurts. She would feed a stranger before she would feed herself. Now it's our turn to give something back, even if it's just the effort of a phone call.

I hope I didn't sound too much like a "starving kids in africa" commercial. those of you who know Ida will understand why I feel as strongly as I do.

Above all else, keep her and her family in your thoughts.
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