Techaholic (techaholic) wrote,

Her reply

I am going to post Her reply to this post that I know a lot of you have read. Here is Her reply:

Just to let you know I did read your post. Boy nice story!
I just want you to know that you can believe what you wrote if it helps you sleep better at night. But I disagree with 99% of it.If you want to think I
don't eat unless you feed me fine. If you want to believe that stuff about what broke us
up fine. Any thing that does not ruin your own image of yourself in your eyes is fine by me.I know how bad your self esteem is toward yourself.So if it helps you feel better fine I don't mind.
But know this,I know what happened, I was there and I know what really broke us up. And my opinion of you still wavers, but at least unlike Evil (Ex-Boyfriend, name removed by techman) you do pay your debts.
Enjoy the bike & learn to love yourself in reality not just fantasy.
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