Techaholic (techaholic) wrote,

stuff available

I have lots of stuff to give away or sell cheap. If anyone needs old computer crap, or just wants to give a home to old computer crap, just let me know.

for sale, cheap:

IBM netfinity 5000 server (2 of these)
IBM netfinity 5100 server (1 of these)
IBM 10 disk scsi external rack mount cage (2 @ 100%, 1 @ 70%)
18GB scsi hard drive (lots)
42U network storage cabinet, with front and back doors. (4 of these)
40U telcom storage cabinet
other various computer parts not quite old enough to be called crap yet
caterpillar pallet jack
5000 VA Gasoline Generator
1400 VA rackmount APC UPS (2)
1400 VA Standard APC UPS
2200 VA rackmount APC UPS
Ducati 996 DesmoQuatro Superbike (no paperwork)
Red Dodge Caravan, (needs transmission)
grey and black GMC conversion van (needs exhaust system)

various configurations are available for computers, I have lots of RAM and hard drives, etc.
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