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Recently, I said some things out of anger and frustration that I didn't mean. My anger is real, my frustration is justified, but perhaps I should have held my toungue a little longer before I hit the submit button. Some people say that when you are angry you speak the truth and when you calm down, your internal censors kick in. maybe that is true. maybe not. I never liked her anyway. I never liked being cruel either. He's been one of my best and closest friends for many years. That is why I am so frustrated with her. but I am sure that my words hurt him too. and I am quite sure that any chance of staying friends with him is probably likely as being able to unsay things. my regret is making my heart hurt. when will I learn to think first, and react second? this is not a new problem for me. I've been wondering that my whole life. yet it only seems to occur to me after I lose something a care about.
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