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"Dead in the Water"

This is a quote from my boss: [my notes in braces]
This is really BAD. From the note below, we can see that we have been having system issues with Fireman [our field engineer dispatch system] since early this morning, over 5 hours. The impact is the following:
We probably have missed hundreds of 4 hour SLAs [Service Level Agreements] for onsites today, across all product lines.
Servers is the hardest hit product line because of 4 hour contracts.
We will also be missing many NBD (Next Business Day) calls and be almost a full day behind.
We are "Dead in the Water" now, meaning we cannot send any onsite requests to NG [our outsourced field engineers].
They are overloaded and cannot take anymore.
We are also limited in what we can check on with dispatches they have received so far today.
This means when customers call in asking for ETAs, we won't have accurate answers. [ACCURATE? We won't have any answers.]
Long story short is that we will be missing almost every 4 hour and many NBD SLAs from 8am-2pm MST.
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