Techaholic (techaholic) wrote,

Pro life chain meme. I am not the author.

If you agree with this statement, post it in your journal/edit as needed:

I am Pro Life/pro family and I would:

-not support an abortion in any way.

-not help a person receive an abortion, no questions asked

-not help women have access to abortions should it ever become illegal

Choice is sacred.

The "Choice" of a Woman is absolutely sacred. But, with all "choices", there are consequences of actions. In most circumstances, that Woman has the "Choice" of not having sex. You may not have learned this in Health Class, but sex is what causes pregnancy..... Using Logic and Deductive Reasoning; If you aren't interested in having children, don't have sex.

As a society, we speak of "women's rights" and "choice to do with your body as you like." I wholeheartedly agree with those two philosophies. Women do have rights. They have the rights granted to each and every human being. The Right to Life. Women have the Right to Live without being killed simply for existing.

How is it, that we can speak of "Women's Rights", racial equality, and preserving the rights of minorities and then say something like "I support abortion." Are we preserving the Right of that Child? Are we not killing a Child before they've even had the chance to walk, play, or even learn to read?

When a woman defends her "right" to an abortion by stating "it's my body, I'll do what I want", she's making a completely illogical statement. You can use that statement when you are getting a tattoo, or a body peircing. While Your Body is the protective unit of this new baby, this baby is still a human being. You have No "right" to end their life because you feel it will Inconvience your life.

So, what can I do if I feel "inconvienced" by an unplanned pregnancy? Live with your mistakes, and love your Child. Allow your Child to be adopted into a family unable to have a Child of their own.

Each and everyone of us has the Right To Life. From Conception in the womb, to Natural Death. In all man-made society, it is a sin, a crime, a misdeed to kill someone. Why do people insist that we can overlook this crime because it's a baby? In a world where politics corrupt all, and corruption is made acceptable by immoralistic laws created to give humans "rights" -- An unborn Child is the most innocent, uncorruptable, and lucky soul in the world. I wish we could all be like that.
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