Techaholic (techaholic) wrote,

my response

To the Ex:
I'm not surprised that you disagree with 99% of it. I know that I never had the big picture. You pride yourself on being honest, but when the day is done, you might want to look back and realize that you bend the truth anyway you need to in order to see things the way you want to. And then sometimes you just flat out lie. I'm sorry; I know you don't want to hear that. But it's true. I have never met anyone who doesn't. But don't try to convince yourself that you don't. You told me that (mom's boss) made your mom change the lock. That's a lie. You told me that (mom's boss) brought up the motorcycle out of the blue, in front of you. That was a lie. You told me that I had to move out because your job was in jeopardy which might have been true, but that's not the whole truth. You tell me that your mother is forwarding the mail. That is a lie. When we tried to quit smoking together, you lied frequently. There are others, but I mention the one about smoking, because before that, you could have told me anything and I would have believed you. That event showed me that you are not as honest as you claim to be. So it's no surprise that you disagree with 99% of what I wrote, you actually knew what was going on behind the scenes, I just watched the show you and your mother put on.
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