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1 week from tonight is the housewarming, birthday and build the bar party! I ask that people bring something for the party. Most of you should bring Alcohol. Others can bring snacks, mixers, etc. The build the bar idea is so that there is plenty of booze left when the party is over, so do bring too much.

We will be serving cocktail weenies, pigs in blankets, jalapeno poppers as well as hot wings. these things are expensive, so anyone that can contribute $$$ is encouraged to do so, but as usual, no one is required to bring anything.

The kids will be at Grandma's house, and the dogs will be contained. Gary and I believe we have found a no-kill shelter with vacancies for the cats. upon confirmation of that, we will be getting rid of the felines.

There will be limited crash space available, but nobody will be driving home drunk. If you intend to drink, and you do not have a ride, please confirm crash space on a first come first served basis. Otherwise you might end up sleeping on the floor.

I'm about to go grocery shopping. call my cell quickly for any special requests.

here is a link to my house. unfortunately, the are a little bit off. they are 3 houses to far north. Here are directions from a popular cobb county location.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!
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