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paying my respects

You will be missed by all of us Dawn. but that's already been said. The absence of the glow that surrounded you wherever you went won't go unnoticed. but that too has already been said. you've touched so many people that it's hard to say something that hasn't been posted yet. that too has already been said. all I can say that is unique is how you touched my life. you don't know it, but you had a very real and tangible MAJOR effect on my life.. allow me to explain. the picture I used as my icon for this post was taken at fantasm 2k1. you walked up to me and hugged me because I looked cute in a dress. I was pretty drunk at that point so my severe depression was not showing at the time. I have followed your fishbowl for years, so I was well aware of who you were. you coming over to hug me lifted my real spirits, not just the ones that were on display. that hug gave me the confidence I needed that led me to meet Jules. I met her less then 30 minutes after that photo was taken. While Jules and I are no longer together, her impact on my life is rivaled only by that of my parents and my "adopted" mother and sister and best friend, Ida. Because of that hug, my life today is profoundly different then it would have been without it. I thank you for that. and the body shots at farshad's parties were nice too. thank you, from the innermost depths of my soul, for touching my life. if you need a reference for your new career, just ask.
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