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can't decide to crash or not.

I've been awake since saturday noon. coming up on 40 hours. I am not really tired either... not wired, just kinda here. I have so little to do and so much time. wait. stop. reverse that. This server build is going very poorly. I have never had this much trouble with *any* computer, save one blue & white g3 powermac that I never did solve. but this isn't a mystery like that was. this is a comedy of errors. after 2 weeks of phone calls and pulling my hair out, I still don't have the right parts. I've decided to adapt to the parts I do have, and push on. remember, this server was supposed to be installed two weeks ago this past friday. then the following friday. then today. now it's supposed to be tomorrow, short a drive so the RAID (non-techies skip ahead here) is level 1 instead of 5. I can deal with that. the software, Exchange server, has CRC errors on the disk. it will be EOB tomorrow before I can get my hands on another copy. meanwhile, there is no way I can deliver this server tomorrow without exchange server installed and configured. I am just about to give up. it is so frustrating.
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