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I am not a poet

I toss and I turn,
I bend and I burn,
Sleep has escaped me

You seemed so happy, yet distant
But, wanting you is what I tried to do,
Now, what feelings had begun for you.

I feel afraid,
My life it has strayed,
Something so patterned, so easy, so comfortable
Had become worried

But in my haste, I found room in my heart,
And a reason for a brand new start.

You said you wanted fun,
What is this for you,
Is it something I could do?
Now that you've lied
All I can say is that I tried
But now you've left me with nothing

No sorry, no reason, no end,
Just nothing, not a thing

I feel cheated, battered, and torn
There's a fierce anger that has been reborn
Something that I hate

The sight of your face
Makes me miss the embrace
But once again I've found my regrets,
My doubts, my self-pity, my hate

Something so good, something so fresh
How did it turn into such a mess,
It was you! You bitch! You whore! You cheat!
I feel it was me in my own self defeat
You lied, I tried, but it was over before it began
I opened up and you ran
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