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walneto wrote,I dunno, man, but I'll continue to say what 'Deep Throat' told the Watergate investigators: "follow the money". Ask how it benefits the people in power to go to war with Iraq. How does it benefit anyone in power to attack our country? How is it that the most sophisticated technology available didn't pick up that this was going to happen? I still say our government let it happen so that they would have an excuse to do what they want in the Middle East. I say to everyone, please remember that Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, which triggered the Gulf War was ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. That's a FACT. One of our own former ambassadors stated that on national television. Go back and read the news accounts. We told Iraq, "Sure, go on into Kuwait. We won't do anything about it." Contrast that established FACT with what happened there. How would people in THIS country react if Washington said, "Sure, come on in and rape, torture, execute everyone that you want to, totally destroy everything and steal everything not nailed down." That's what we let happen to a peaceful nation we were supposed to have a military pact with. I say it's all about who controls the oil and about keeping oil so important that everything in the world turns on the supply of it. I'm not a conspiracy nut, I just don't trust the people in power in this world. They got that power by total ruthlessness.

Follow the money? Sophisticated technology? Are you nuts?!? They used commercial airliners to crash into buildings. that has NEVER been done before. It hadn't even crossed our minds. we weren't looking for it. and neither was anyone else. nobody would have allowed 3000 people to die to make a profit. how can you be so callous and cynical? you wanna know who benefits from us going to war with Iraq? I'll tell you who. YOU DO! the Taliban may have supported Bin Laden, but who do you think Paid for all the training, living, and other expenses? Bin Laden comes from a wealthy family, but his family has disowned him.

You say we allowed the invasion of Kuwait to happen? what were you smoking? Iraq had amassed troops at the border, as he had done many times before. there were threats, but we being a peaceful nation, were trying to help develop a peaceful solution. meanwhile, we were moving our aircraft carriers into the area. saddam's Iraq isn't like Noriega's panama. Iraq had the 3rd largest army on earth. Larger than China's Army! it took months of planning and bombing to beat his troops to a pulp before we would be willing to send our boys into Kuwait. we played that as best as we possibly could right up until our president pulled Stormin' Norman aside and told him he couldn't sack Baghdad. even after all that we wanted a peaceful solution. we thought that maybe we had beaten Saddam and he would resign. (HA!) since then, Soddom has decided to continue building his weapons. we could wait until we get a nuke in Los Angeles, but I'd rather not. as much as we hated the russians, we could trust them not to use their nukes, any more then we would have used them. we can't say that about Iraq, India or Pakistan. or Bin Laden & co. so much for your "established 'fact'" that we let Iraq's invasion of Kuwait happen.

Next time check your "facts" and then check your loyalties. If you want to trash this country, be my guest, but make sure your words are above reproach, 'cause I will call you on them. we are not perfect people. we are Americans. We believe in freedom. If you don't trust those people you put in power, put different people there. personally, looking back at the last election, I can't imagine any of GWB's opponents doing a better job than he has. of course, I do believe that I could have done a better job, but I bet that had I had the chance to prove it, I'd prove myself wrong.

GWB has been patient, persistent and unwaivering. I would not have been patient.

Just try an imagine for a moment how life would be different if we didn't defend ourselves. And yes, we were in kuwait for the oil. do you have any idea how important that oil is to YOUR way of life? think about all the things that you use. all of them. then thank the teamsters who drive the trucks that run on diesel for bringing your (insert item) to (insert place where you got it). or how about the trains that transport goods across this huge country. or the ocean liners that bring us our imports and take our exports. oil is the blood of this country. and we have to import it from foreign countries in order to prevent us from using our own oil in the gulf of mexico, off the coast of california and in alaska. liberating kuwait was self defense. don't let anyone tell you we did it to be humanitarians. follow the money you say? how about follow our way of life. our way of life is why we are hated. we have built such a great nation that we are hated by those who have failed.
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