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MP3HE11 status

a few minutes ago I posted a message that I must take down, it will be at the bottom of this post. MP3HE11 has physical damage that I cannot repair. about an hour ago I was able to mount the drive, read the partition table, traverse directories, even copy files from the hard drive to another drive. I then shut the system down so that I could mount another hard drive to receive the data and booted the system up. when I tried to mount the drive (unlike windows, Unix only mounts the drives you tell it to mount) it told me that there was a data request error. what that means is that a request was sent to the drive, the drive recieved and acknowledged the request as valid but couldn't read the information on the physical disk. normally if the file was there or not there, the spot on the disk that should have had the file will have informations, even if that information is all zeros. in this case, it had no information. I turned down the music (still pink floyd, but from my local hard drive, sorrow actually) and I could hear the read/write head inside the drive slamming itself against either the spindle or the outside wall of the drive. they are Never supposed to do that. quantum drives (this is a quantum drive) are famous for it. click of death. if memory servers me, the drive did that at winston's house before I ever got it here. yet I was still able to get one song off of the drive, so maybe if I keep trying I will get one last chance to remove the files. but that will have to wait. It's 4:20. no, it's not what you think. I just need sleep.

Someone call my cell! anyone who cares about MP3HE11. Anyone at all. I have to share my excitement! The dead kiosk hard drive has been resurected! The file system is completely intact and readable with no detected corruption! Huzzahh!!!! now all I need to do is to copy the files off the drive as no windows box will ever be able to read from that hard drive until it has been low-level formatted. doing that now would be very bad for the MP3s. anyone got a 40GB hard drive laying around? wait, winston, didn't you say you've got a 60GB hard drive available? 'cause that would be just shy of perfect for all the old mp3hell files, plus my collection.
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